Liliane BOREL


Director of research at the CNRS (French National Research Center)

Sensory & Cognitive Neurosciences Lab

Sensory & Cognitive Rehabilitation Team

Tel : 33 (0) 4 13 55 08 73

E-mail :


Research Topics

Vestibular functions and their compensation: balance and gait, perception, orientation and spatial representation

Interactions and compensations between sensorimotor and cognitive functions

Factors affecting sensory and cognitive functions and their interaction: stereotype threat and mindfulness disposition


Current Research

– Adaptive processes after vestibular loss (Body and extrapersonal space representation – Mental imagery)

– Similarity between vestibular loss and spatial neglect

– Anxiety and control of postural balance

– Cognitive influences in balance control (Elderly, Patients with vestibular loss, Patients with brain trauma)

– Balance and cognition: interaction and contribution to rehabilitation

– Consequences of stereotype threat on balance abilities, cognitive functions and their interactions?

– Consequences of mindfulness on balance abilities, cognitive functions and their interactions? (currently in development)

– Cognitive and sensory rehabilitation : differential effects and underlying mechanisms of action


– Transfer of research towards clinical practice and rehabilitation programs




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Professional Experience

2018-2022: Co-leader of the “Sensory and Cognitive Rehabilitation” team

2008-2011: Team Leader “Dynamics of Vestibular Functions”
Since 1992: Researcher at CNRS


Organization of Scientific Training

Head of the Inter-University Diploma in Clinical Posturology (Aix-Marseille University)


Collective Expertise

Collective expertise INSERM ordered by the Ministry of Sports. “Physical activity and falls prevention among older people”. Published on 27-11-2014. Main document: 509 pages. Electronic version:…/Chutes ouvrage corpus-webv2.pdf

Synthesis and Recommendations: 95 pages.Electronic version:


Scientific Commitees

Vice-President Research and member of the scientific council of the Francophone Society of Posture, Balance and Locomotion (SOFPEL) (Since 2015)

President of the scientific council of the Posture and Balance Association (APE) (2007-2015)

Elected member of the Specialists Commission. Groupe X Sections 64-65-69 (1995-2004 and 2007-2008)